Our six custom catering trucks/trailers are self enclosed and mobile in all sorts of weather. We will support your event to the full extent of our reputation. If your guests are there, so will we!

At times, our dedication has gone to the extreme. In 2005, hurricane Rita was a raging category 5 storm that brought destructive wind and rain all the way to us in East Texas. Marshall, Texas experienced a wide spread power outage. During the worst of it, we were catering a large event in a warehouse setting. Even in the best of conditions, the warehouse had insufficient lighting for such an event. We had generators running to supply ambient lighting. During the meal the power blackout hit. Our location was one of the only places in town that had power. People were reluctant to brave the storm and go home to a dark house. We served food until we ran out and then tea and coffee until after 1 AM.

When you need us, we will be there!